Monday, 7 August 2017

Not a Shingle Warden Left

The Little Tern breeding season has come to a close. 24/hr monitoring of the colony ended on the 22nd of July, and the wardens embarked on their own migration home on the 1st of August. Though we have yet to determine official numbers, it was a very successful season for the Little Terns at Kilcoole. The bare beach is a strange sight, with all fencing and posts removed- the season really flies. Over the next few weeks, the wardens' energies will be put into report writing- I quickly figured out the sparrowhawk was more cunning than me, and chasing him wasted both my time and his. However, considering most chicks were fledged by the time he discovered the colony, we are hopeful not much damage was done.

It's a goodbye from the fledglings, and it's farewell from us. (Sketch by I. Sullivan).

This year, both day wardens were new to the project, and we have loved every minute of the season. We would like to extend our gratitude to all the wonderful locals and visitors to the colony who educated us, entertained us, and inspired us. It's clear that the Little Tern Conservation Project has a special place in the hearts of Kilcoole people, birders, and wildlife enthusiasts alike, and it's heartening that conservation projects such as this one are met with such enthusiasm and positivity. It was a privilege to warden the Little Terns.

-Irene S. and all the Little Tern Conservation Project team.