Monday, 14 May 2012

New Warden

We're delighted to announce that Laura Nuttall has joined the 2012 Kilcoole Little Tern Conservation Project team & has started her new position as a Day Warden today.

Laura has worked for BirdWatch Ireland & the RSPB on a range of projects since 2008. These have included Dunlin breeding ecology in Co. Mayo, Golden Plover habitat use & productivity, waterways bird surveys focussing on Kingfisher, low tide counts and Bird Atlas surveying. She has also worked on two desk studies, one looking at long term trends in wintering waterbirds and another on the potential impacts of flood risk management methods on birds. With the exception of the Golden Plover project, all of these have been in Ireland. She is now looking forward to spending this summer as a warden at the Kilcoole Little Tern colony and to meeting as many of our readers as possible. In her spare time Laura enjoys climbing hills. 

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