Saturday, 21 May 2016

We have eggs!!

The season is now in full swing... we found our first Little Tern nest on Thursday! The pair had 2 eggs and were sat tight protecting their clutch against the wind and rain. Since then there has been plenty more activity despite the poor weather. We're up to 15 nests already, with plenty more expected over the next few days. The adults will sit on their eggs for around 20 days to keep them warm and dry before they hatch.
Well camouflaged! A Little Tern nest with 2 eggs (Taken under NPWS licence) P. Manley

The Little Terns will be getting more and more settled in the coming days. so now is a great time to come for a visit. The wardens will be happy to show you a Little Tern and answer any questions you may have.
 Little Tern (Taken under NPWS licence) P. Manley

-Em and Paddy

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